300kg TYPE

300kg TYPE (Freight Car and/or Passenger Car)

M-300M/M-300MS /M-300MSL

For agriculture

For agriculture

Reliable partner for working on steep slopes.
We promise to bring you safer, more powerful, and comfortable freight carriage.

Excellent features focused on safety:

  • 3 step brake
  • All gears are integrated for tractor.
    Excellent durability.
  • Rails are rack type. No slip occurs on steep slopes.

Freight car T-200A and Passenger car OP-1 mounted on tractor M-300MS in the picture above.
Passenger car OPA-3 mounted on tractor M-300MSL in the picture below.
For carrying people, please purchase passenger cars.

Major Specifications

Tractor Model M-300M M-300MS
(With self-starter)
(With self-starter and
auto leveling)
Length x Width x Height ( mm ) 910 x 530x 740 910 x 530x 740 1050 x 630 x 910
Mass ( Including Engine ) 98kg 113 kg 147kg
Speed 44m/min.
Engine 4 Cycle Engine 4 Cycle Engine
( With Self-starter )
4 Cycle Engine
( With Self-starter
and auto leveling)
Gearing 1 step each for forward and front & back.
Maximum Angle of Inclination 45 degrees
Roller Adjustment Eccentric Mesh Adjustment
Control Unit ( Downhill ) Centrifugal Brake
( Stopping and Parking ) Internal Expanding Brake
( Emergency ) Friction Brake
Transmission Engine > Centrifugal Clutch > V Belt > Mission > Driving Wheel
Driving Method Rack & Pinion

Engine Specifications

M-300M M-300MS (With Self-starter) M-300MSL
Engine Model Mitsubishi GB-180PN Mitsubishi GB-180PE
Stroke Air-cooled 4 Cycle
Continuous Output Rating 3.4kw(4.7ps)/ 3600rpm
Displacement 181cc
Ignition Electronic Ignition
Starting Method Recoil Starter Recoil and Self-Starter
Fuel Unlead Gasoline
Tank Capacity 3.6L

Passenger Car

Model OP-1-50MA
Capacity One driver
Length x Width x Height ( mm ) 890 x 610 x 990
Mass ( Including coupling ) 75kg
Control Unit ( Downhill ) Centrifugal Brake 
( Parking & Stopping ) Internal Expanding Brake, 
actuated by emergency brake lever.
Seat Suspended Type 
( Tilting forward by 10 degrees and backward 
by 20 degrees against horizontality.)

Model OPA-3 OPA-2
Capacity 3 people 2 people
Maximum Loadage 80kg
Length x Width x Height ( mm ) 2420 x 560 x 1070 2185 x 560 x 1070
Mass ( Including coupling ) 137kg 135kg
Control Unit

( Downhill ) Centrifugal Brake 
( Parking & Stopping ) Internal Expanding Brake, actuated 
by emergency brake lever

Seat Fixed type.

The Line-up of Freight Car

Mode Max. Loadage
T-200A 200kg
T-300 300kg

Model T-10A TC-08
Max. Loadage 100kg 0.08m3
Length x Width x Height ( mm ) 1300x 570 x 820 980 x 880 x 880
Mass ( Including coupling ) 49kg 130kg


Mode Size ( mm ) Total Length Distance Between Columns
NKA Rail 50 x 50 x 2.3 / Rack 19 x 4.5 3M 1.5M