In July 1959, the late Sugimoto Minoru founded Nippon Reaper Industry Co., Ltd. for the purpose of manufacturing and selling mowing machines and other agricultural equipment. In January 1973, the company name was changed to NIKKARI Co., Ltd.


1959 Established Nippon Reaper Industry Co., Ltd.
(Higashi-ku, Okayama, former Jodo-cho)
1961 Built a new factory and relocated the head office. (Kamiifuku,Kita-ku, Okayama)
1962 Established the Tokyo office. (Itabashi, Tokyo)
1964 Established a new factory in Higashi Okayama Technology Center, former Higashi-Okayama Industrial Park and relocated the main office and the factory.(Otami, Okayama)
1965 Established the Kyushu office.
1970 Relocated the Tokyo office.
(Saitama-city. former Omiya, Saitama)
1973 Changed the company name to NIKKARI CO.,LTD.
1984 Established the Saidaiji factory. Manufacturing Sector and Shipping Sector was transferred to the new factory.
(Saidaiji, Okayama)
1989 Estabilshed the Saidaji office in the Saidaiji factory Transferred the General Affairs Department and Sales Department to the new office.
2001 Established Ningbo Lihao Machinery Co.,Ltd in full ownership of capital.
(Ningbo city, Zhejiang province CHINA)
2012 Estabilshed Eastern Japan Sub-branch.
´╝łTakizawa-city, Iwate, former, Takizawa-mura)
2016 Relocated the head office.
(Higashi-ku, Saidaij, Okayama)
Former head office was renamed the Higashi Okayama office.
2023 Established New R&D building (named i3-iCube) on the head office site.
2023 Established NIKKARI MACHINERY INDIA PLIVATE LIMITED in full ownership of capital.
(Pune, Maharashtra INDIA)

Works History

1959 Developed a portable all-purpose mowing machine,
which is now our primary type of brush-cutter
1961 Developed a belt transmission mowing machine with a centrifugal clutch
1962 Developed a gear transmission mowing machine
1964 Developed an earth auger
1965 Developed a sharpening machine for both engines and motors
Developed a cultivating weeder and an electromotive brushcutter
1966 Developed the first mono-rail carrier for steep slopes
for agricultural use (Monorack) in Japan
1975 Technical cooperation with HABEGGER Maschinenfabrik AG.
a mono-rail manufacturer and seller in Switzerland
1978 Developed an automatic riding soil injector
1983 Developed a raised floor carrier for the field
1986 Developed a cultivator
Developed an earth auger for steep fields
1987 Developed a ridge trimmer
1994 Developed a single-user mono-rail carrier for steep slopes
Developed an ultra-lightweight cultivator
1996 Developed a multi-passenger mono-rail carrier for steep slopes
1998 Developed a strawberry cultivator for soil culture
1999 Developed a multiple-rail carrier for heavy goods
2003 Developed a strawberry cultivator for elevated cultivation
2004 Developed a rechargeable brush cutter
Released a wheeled bruch cutter
2010 Developed a battery-powered mono-rail for one passenger
2013 Developed steep slope multiple-rail heavy-load carrier
2016 Mass production of arm support device (UDERACK) based on permission of patent of NARO (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
2017 Developed power assist suit (Buddy) based on joint research with Wakayama University
2017 Developed industrial arm support device (UDERACK PRO) by consignment from Japan Ship Technology Research Association under the subsidies of Nippon Foundation
Developed steep slope multiple-rail heavy-load carrier
2019 Developed a multi-passenger mono-rail freight car for steep slopes
Developed single-seater mono-rail carrier in collaboration with KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC.
2020 Developed mono-rail carrier (move forward and backward on a 45 degree steep slope)

As of June, 2023