Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Company believes that social responsibility is possible to adequately protect personal information, established the “Privacy Policy” of following our    To maintain this run.

1.About acquisition means of personal information

We will obtain personal information by lawful and fair means.

2.Use of Personal Information

When to use the personal information that the Company has acquired, and only be used within the scope of the purpose of use      But it does not use beyond the scope of its purpose.

3.For third-party provision of personal information

The Company, except in the case of the law, your personal information, without prior consent of the person      We do not provide to a third party.

4.About disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information

We, from the customer himself, disclosure of personal information that has been registered, correct, add, and respond quickly if there is a request for deletion.

5.Safety management measures

The Company, strictly manage personal information, you take precautions and safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, alteration, or leakage.

6.For ongoing review of the company structure

Our company, as well as compliance with laws and regulations and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information, to establish an internal system and regulations based on this policy, and strive for continuous review and improvement.

April 2012 Ltd. Nikkari President Hiroshi Sugimoto

Use of personal information

The main personal information and the purpose of use that are held by the Company is as follows.

Personal information of our suppliers customers

  • New product information such as, campaign and exhibition
  • Guidance of the sweepstakes, etc. events
  • Sales promotion, collection and analysis of statistical data for the products and services improved
  • After-sales service, the implementation of maintenance
  • Implementation, such as answers to inquiries, etc.

Personal information of qualified personnel on the monorail Handling

  • Delivery of the acquisition and updating and technical information of qualification

Contact reception counter

Regarding the inquiry etc. regarding the handling of personal information, the following departments will be happy to contact you.

Department in charge Global Sales Dept